Nate's Favorites and Memorable Moments

Bodysurfing and Boogie Board in Florida
Times with Sparks in Atlanta
Disneyworld (B-Day, Buzz Lightyear Spin, Blizzard Beach, Fireworks)
Riding the dunes in Oregon
Bozeman times with Garrigans (Belle, flyfishing, rafting)
Andy Griffith/Raven
Mountain Dew rewards
Scuba and snorkeling in the Keys
San Francisco with Bettons, BART rides together
Jordan visiting in Red Rock, Death Valley, Adventureland in Vegas
Burro in Nevada
Sea Rim State Park Texas with Goldfines
New Orleans Jazz
Mardi Gras Parade Mobile
Olympic Park Fountain, Atlanta
Washington Vineyard
Idaho Potato Expo
Seattle Auto-toilet
Tumbleweed roadkill
Osprey in the Everglades and Stan Osolinski
Cape Canaveral
Rock Scrambling in Acadia
Beachwalking as a family
Chownings Tavern dinner and hedge maze in Williamsburg
Being together as a family
Palmers in Virginia (mud fight, Nick and Nate's river)
Science experiments in the Smithsonian
Bureau of Engraving tour
Smokies (waterfalls, Young's Mountain Music)
Powell's Books, Portland
Squid beachwalk in Washington
Jelly Belly Tour
Mammoth  Cave
The Rocky Mountains
Corvette Factory Tour
Various mini-golfing
Louisville Slugger
Civil War cannons (rifling)
Amish Country
Pete Seagrave's race car in Philly
New York City Times (Cooper Wahl, graffiti, hotdog stand, subway, toy stores)
Normandy Farms campground in MA
Lava Flows in Idaho
Playing with Leah and Jenna
Wildlife (Vermont moose, Keys hermit crabs)
Mount Washington Cog Railway
Inventors Hall of Fame in Akron (patent museum, creative shop)
Walter piano tour
Willowcreek church