Family Unity Our society has individuals in the family going every direction at breakneck speed.  We're looking forward to working together at a common goal apart from the pressures of "normal" life.
Spiritual Growth and Faith Journey We don't have everything planned.  We are looking at this as a faith journey where we will rely on God and see his goodness and provision in our daily travels.
Break "Normal" Life Patterns It's easy to get into patterns and ruts that can take over your whole life.  Who knows what different turns we might take given the opportunity to break out of the "norm".
Realizing a Dream The kids may not share the same dreams as we do, but we want to teach them to pursue life dreams and go after them deliberately, but with gusto.  It would be so sad to come to the end of life with regrets because dreams haven't been pursued.
Visiting Different Ministries We want the kids to experience the different ways that people apply their faith to serving God with their ministries and vocations.
Experiential Education Can there be a better way to study history than to stand on a battlefield or study geology than to stand in the midst of God's handiwork in the Grand Canyon?
Appreciate the USA The media is constantly bombarding us with the negatives of our country.  We have a wonderful country and admirable heritage.  We'll experience this first hand!
Learn People's Stories Everyone has a story.  One of our goals is to hear people's stories from all walks of life.
Memories for Generations The memories, growth, and life changes we encounter on this adventure will affect not only us, but generations of Kirkwoods to come!