October 2003
Research Trip
We rented a 34 foot RV and went to South Dakota last fall.  Although we had been planning our adventure for years, the kids did not know.  This trip was the final go/no-go test.  We learned a lot about what our adventure would be like, and worked together well as a family.  We made the big announcement to the kids at Christmas.
July 2004
Dry Run
We took delivery on Harvey the end of May.  Between then and the end of July, we were learning the RV systems and installing special equipment needed for the trip. (towing system for the van, satellite internet system, etc.)  With all of the equipment finally set, we wanted to take a final dry run before heading out for good.  We took a short trip into North Dakota and got good experience with our equipment and with campsite operations.
US Loop
The first loop will head west from Minnesota through the northern half of the western states starting August 29, 2004. By mid-fall we will start heading down the west coast then on to states like Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas before leaving the RV down there and taking a few weeks off to run back up to Minnesota for Christmas.
US Loop
The second loop starts at the beginning of 2005 by heading directly south back to Texas and heading east along the southern states during January and February. We will head up the east coast as spring approaches all the way up to Maine, then make a final swing through the central states before heading back home to Minnesota at the end of the school year in late May or early June.