We have seen God work in so many aspects of the timing and planning of our adventure!

   Ages Our kids are close enough in age that they will all be able to appreciate things at basically the same developmental level.  Also, it will be great to be able to be together for a year during the sometimes difficult changes that take place as part of the Junior High years.
   Compatibility Our kids generally really enjoy each other and being together as a family.
   Support The kid's school, Chapel Hill Academy in Chanhassen, has been very supportive in letting us take this year off.  We are planning to keep in touch with the kid's classes through the website and e-mail.
   Timing We chose this particular year more than five years ago so that Leah will still be able to finish her eighth grade (final) year at Chapel Hill after we return.
   Leave of Absence General Mills has been incredibly supportive of this dream!  I have seen how the company takes great care of its people many times in my 21 years there.
   Timing In the past few years I have been very busy developing new technology related to the consolidation that has occurred since our acquisition of Pillsbury.  The work came to completion in perfect timing with my leave.  I am also incredibly blessed to have a unique career/position where a leave like this is possible.
   Interest Rates The time for financing Harvey for a year couldn't be better with record low interest rates!
   RV Design RV Design has changed significantly in the past few years.  This year is one of the first where opposing slideouts are readily available.  This gives significantly more living space to make it more comfortable for all five of us to be together.
   Satellite Technology The technology is now to the point where we can get broadband internet connection through the satellite directly to the RV!
   Internet The internet has matured to a point where it will be key to our route planning, communication, and education.
   Digital Imaging A few years ago we would have to be storing hundreds of photos in boxes.  Now they'll be conveniently downloaded to CD's.
Home Front  
  A Wycliffe missionary family that our church supports will be living in our home during our adventure.  It is a double blessing that our home will be cared for and that the Pearsons will be comfortable during their home assignment.