Countdown Week 3-  August 8 Week

This week was the one break in preparations.  Brenda’s family has an annual family reunion at a resort on Gull Lake in the Brainerd Lakes area in northern Minnesota.  Brenda is one of twelve kids, so with spouses and kids, it is quite a gathering.  (I always thought that I came from a large family being one of three kids...)   

The week is probably the best opportunity of the year to catch up with the different families.  It is remarkable to me how a family so large and diverse has been able to keep getting together as a group like this to enjoy each other.   

The weather was not very cooperative this year as the area had record low temperatures for a good part of the week!  Kids being kids, they still went out tubing and wakeboarding even in the cold.  The weather actually helped me get some work done on the trip website as I made use of a fast internet connection in the cabin during the worst of it.