Countdown Week 1-  August 22 Week

The past weeks have been busy but fun.  This week has been busy, not as fun, and stressful realizing that this is it, every thing has to be ready this week. 

Packing for this trip is basically like moving.  Beside making decisions on what to take, packing has also helped us do some cleaning out.  One of the things I am looking forward to during this year is having less stuff.  It is kind of scary how taking care of our stuff can get in the way of the important things like faith and family in our lives.  We will try to travel as light as possible. 

One fun story was with the girls.  Leah and Jenna have a very intricate “Barbie World” set up in the basement playroom.  They spend hours setting up and narrating stories there.  For the trip, they could only bring a small subset of “Barbie World” so the story was developed that the “Barbie World” mansion was hit by a hurricane (Florida’s hurricane being in the news) and that the Barbies would have to live in a trailer for a year during the rebuilding.  Kids are great… 

On Saturday, our friends the Keenans put together a goodbye dinner for the families of our bible study group from church and school.  I was truly humbled by how genuinely excited they were in our joy.  Ending the party praying with us for the adventure was the best thing we could do even in all of the busyness.