Scott and Brenda Kirkwood have been married over 15 years.  Scott has been a part of the Ridgewood Church family in Minnetonka for 21 years and Brenda for 16.  They have three children; Leah- 7th Grade, Nate- 6th Grade and Jenna- 4th Grade. 

Scott has spent all 21 years of his engineering career at General Mills and has developed into the company’s expert in the processes and proprietary technology involved in making puffed cereal products like Cheerios.  Brenda spent her pre-child career as a chef after training in Paris and managing the kitchen startup of the popular Café Latte restaurant in St Paul, MN.  She now is enjoying the wonderful opportunity of being a full time mom. 

Scott and Brenda are enjoying the late elementary and early junior high years of their children.  They love active living with biking, tennis, gardening, outdoor adventures and travel.  They are currently in the busy chapter of parental life with music, kids’ sports, and other school/church activities.

Scott serves in the music ministry at Ridgewood.  He has also served in the roles of Discussion Leader, Class Administrator and Children’s Leader in Bible Study Fellowship International over the years.  Brenda works with children’s Sunday School, cooking for hospitality events, and volunteering at the kids’ school. 

The kids are blessed to receive a Christian education at Chapel Hill Academy in Chanhassen.  Some of Scott and Brenda’s goals for their children are to help them each to develop an independent faith with a Christ-like attitude, to cultivate creativity and curiosity, and to learn to love life with a wide diversity of interests.  They also desire to instill a worldwide perspective on life and ministry.